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“You are what you eat”– This phrase is no doubt a truth that one must know. If we compare us from our previous generation, then undoubtedly they were more fit and strong. You have frequently heard about this from your parents/grandparents.,The reason for that is simple and well known to all.  If you look around yourself, you will find that more than 70% of food around you is processed one (packed/junk food). The foundation of our body depends on what we are feeding to it. Our whole body’s internal organs perform their function based on what we are giving to it. These processed foods are not less than a poison that we are consuming on daily basis. The artificial ingredients added in it by the manufacturers to enhance their taste and durability has a big negative effect on our body organs. Highly processed food contains majorly below items which you can also find on each product’s ingredient detail:

  1. Preservatives: Chemicals that are used to prevent food from rotting
  2. Flavors: Chemicals that are used to give a specific flavor to the food
  3. Colorants: Chemicals that are used to give a specific color

These all Industries are making a big profit through these processed foods while we people are compromising with our health. Due to their artificial flavors, we are addicted to them without bothering to our own body health.

Do you remember the case of Maggie Ban? The Apex Court banned India’s favorite 2-Minutes Noodles due to presence of high lead content and MSG (Mono-sodium Glutamate) that may lead to Cancer. Nestle scrapped tons of noodles at their end and whole nation shocked by this most consumed processed food’s ban.

When you start eating food without labels than you no longer require Doctors. More than 95% of diseases are caused by our FOOD CHOICE. Don’t focus on how much you are eating, just focus on what you are eating. I will be sharing the best replacement of these processed foods in my next post- “Natural Food- A healthy outside begins from the inside”.

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