Akshay Kumar with Modi

Many People tried lot to wake up early in the morning but not able to wake up on time. We put alarm for the morning but trust me, more than 90% of people snooze it and miss to wake up early in the morning. So, what to do now? No doubt early morning leaving the bed is not only good for health but also helpful for your mind. First, we have to understand that if we want to be successful in life whether it is your material life, career life or spiritual life, getting up early in the morning is very important.

Narendra Modi and Akshay Kumar Daily Routine:

Our country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji go to bed at 12 AM and wake at 4 AM. Then half an hour he chants the name of GOD and pray for strength to serve the nation nicely. After that he does meditation and Exercise so that he can serve the nation with Healthy body and mind. Similarly, famous fitness actor Akshay Kumar also wake up early in the morning and give proper time to his body and mind. Click Here to see PM Modi with Akshay Kumar on Health

Akshay Kumar with Narendra Modi

Therefore, if you want to be successful and healthy life then getting up early in the morning is necessary. You must also have listened one proverb, Early to Bed, Early to Rise Makes the Man healthy, wealthy and wise. So that’s why sleeping on time and waking up early in the morning is very important for anyone’s life.

Let’s see the Trick:

People believe that waking up early in the morning is tough but sleeping on time is more tough than it. If you sleep on time then definitely you will wake up early in the morning. You have also notice that if by mistake you sleep early in the night than you wake up early in the morning without any alarm. Then the most important aspect to wake up early in the morning is to sleep on time.

Mobile addiction
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The Game Changer:

Now a days, the main reason for not sleeping on time is the social media or other entertainment stuffs (Facebook, Netflix, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp). People are now so addicted that before going to sleep they spend more than 2-3 hours on it. Some people want to complete their web series that night or some want to see all Insta stories.

More interesting is that today’s young generation is wasting their time on WhatsApp to chat with their loved ones till late night. This is badly affecting today’s generation health. Therefore, to start the first step of waking up early in the morning, you need to stop using social media or other distracting platform before 9 PM. Believe me your Life will definitely change without any doubt. You have already a very good reason to wake-up early in the morning and that is your own Health

Don’t use Social media after 9 PM and You will sleep on Time,

Sleep on Time and You will not Require Alarm in the morning”