Donate for Humanity

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an unprecedented time in modern history that will require the best of humanity to overcome. This new Corona virus has taken thousands of lives and badly affected almost every country. Indian government has declared a complete lock-down throughout the country to control the spread of this pandemic disease.

Seeking Human Kindness-Corona Virus Lockdown

Due to this, people and animals who are living on the streets are now helpless and many of them are sleeping with empty stomach daily. In addition to that, many of poor people are way far from the reach of essential PPEs (Mask, gloves, sanitizer, etc) that plays an important role in controlling the corona virus.

Animal Welfare-Corona Virus India

While we stay at home and keep ourselves safe, there’s more that each of us can do for them.

Team “Health Shiksha” has initiated a campaign to help these people as well as animals. Your donation to this campaign will support immediate and long-term relief to them. It will help in building a healthier and stronger nation. Remember, no contribution is too small and every rupee count. You can start donating with as little as ₹1. Team “Health Shiksha” campaign will provide sanitizer, masks and food to the people and animals from streets of India.

Join the hand together to Fight Corona

Pledge for Helping Humanity.!!!

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