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Convert your WhatsApp into healthful, motivational and knowledge gaining application. Stay updated of all your surroundings, charge up yourself, stay healthy and beautiful and improve your English without wasting time on internet surfing. Starting in 2009, WhatsApp has now more than 1.5 billion of active users. Every person who is using the smart phone is most probably using the WhatsApp also. From waking up in the morning to the last chat of the day, people spend their day using WhatsApp. “The Changge” converts this addiction of people towards WhatsApp into more productive and beneficial to their day to day Life. “The Changge” Offers Daily NEWS to keep updated about surroundings, Cricket Score Updates, Health Tips that keep you motivated for being healthier, Motivational Quote of the Day that keep you optimistic 24X7, Job Alerts so that you can’t miss the latest job Opening that suits you, English Learning(Vocabulary) that helps in your Competitive Exams and improve your English language, Personal and Professional Development Tips to achieve your Life Goals easily, Beauty Tips to stay groomed and many more things.


WHY The Changge WhatsApp subscription???

People watch and learn Tips, get motivated from them but that doesn’t remain for long time.

With the passage of time they forget all the things that they have listen and learn and they either again demotivated or get back to the same point from where they started.

Here is the answer of Why. The Changge WhatsApp subscription will daily motivate and provide valuable Tips throughout of your whole subscription period. The best part is that you will stay motivated towards your Goal and stay healthy without any break or losing the Rhythm through information provided on your WhatsApp. This all for you at just 29 ₹ per month which is less than a rupee per Day. You can accelerate your life with just less than a rupee per day without any much efforts. Subscribe now from below and change your Life with “THE CHANGGE”

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